Mar. 3rd, 2013

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Artwork of  my RP character over at Tumblr, Siobhan (known day-to-day as Evelyn Alvar).  This is... well, it's not her everyday look.  It's what she looks like when she Travels.  (If you're curious for whatever reason, here's the character info tag over on Tumblr.)

My art and writing muse is stuck on this RP and refuses to work on anything else-- it's like Evelyn IS my muse right now.  I'm a bit miffed at her, because I want to do something monetarily productive.  I've toyed with the idea of playing a bit with her backstory so it's independent of the Doctor Who universe.  But certain things about that backstory just scream to stay a particular way, and I'm not sure they'd camouflage well.

I've tried interactive storytelling before, with all original characters.  I took on too many damn characters, though, and I had zero outside interactions-- just three or four people silently watching, so I lost my drive for it.  The whole point was to create an interactive experience.  I always try to do too much too quickly though, and lose my motivation when I start having trouble with the juggling bit.  I might, however, incorporate some things from that storyline into this one if I ever decide to do something non-fandom with it (or even if I don't... we'll see.  I'm taking this a bit more slowly this time).



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