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Today's artwork, fate willing, will be at Ellen Million's Sketchfest.

I am really, really hoping that I don't get commandeered for other things today, because I desperately miss prompt-based sketch days!  I have some things to take care of this morning-- I'm still helping to caretake for my grandmother, who has at this point lost all ability to do anything for herself.  We have to get her up, sponge bathe her, dress her, and make sure she uses the toilet, give her medication and breakfast.  But then, if fate smiles on me (for once) and I don't get stuck either rushing around town or sitting with her all day (I've found it's just not possible to put focus on art while gramma-sitting-- I have to sit in the room with her, and I don't have the space for the graphics tablet and all.), I'll be paging through the prompts on there and making some sketches.  Saturdays tend to be a bit hectic for me.  I'm going to try to work around that.

Feel free to go leave some prompts there!  There are a number of excellent artists creating art on that site, even if I get stuck doing other things today and can't get to it.  (I really, really wanna do this though!  Saturdays are weird for me...)   Be sure to read her description/guidelines before prompting.  If you have a prompt you want me to work on, drop it over there (not here!), let me know, and I'll do my best to get to it while Sketchfest is open (I'm Amyla over there).
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