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I had the absolutely overwhelming urge to redo my Trickster piece last night. I really don't have time for it, but then again, if I've learned one thing, it's that my Muse is capricious and obstinate and must be obeyed if she is to cooperate with me and give me all the pretty, pretty inspiration. (Actually, I'm quite suspicious that my Muse is an Egyptian cat that is accustomed to worship. Well, that makes it sound like she's Bastet. Which I doubt, because I'm being metaphorical here. But still... highly venerated inner feline aspect of self. Or what have you. Mrow.) So... I guess I'll start the sketch sometime today. It'll be basically the same idea, but with a slightly different pose, and something about an off-kilter reflection in water that I'm not quite clear on yet. I'm going to either do it as a digital painting or as a grayscale with color tint. Not sure yet.

Speaking of the Muse, I feel perhaps it might be a good habit to adopt, to begin to honor her in small, daily rituals. Whether or not she's some sort of divine figure or messenger or literal embodiment of creativity, or just an aspect of self really doesn't matter, because the fact is, this is where I get my inspiration, my drive, my desire to create. If she's internal, honoring that side of myself can only help me flourish. If it's external, the same, plus the added benefit of having no angry Muse to deal with. Of course, with my perspective on the universe, it could be either. I'm not big on faith, so I can't say I actually believe she's an actual, external embodiment of creativity, but I'm not gonna say I necessarily disbelieve it either. It's a possibility. I'll admit to that and only that.

I do wear a Muse's star, actually. That's always been the symbol I've felt drawn to.

So, if all goes well today, I will do a little bit each on three projects: Trickster, the Doctor Who piece for the convention, and Will O' The Wisp. I still have no idea what to draw for the DW one. WOTW is still just in rough layout mode. Trickster will probably thus have the most work to show.


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