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Whew!  I actually managed to finish it in time.  Now if Deviantart will stop screwing up when I go to upload it to the contest entries.

My second "Beautiful Creatures" contest entry, depicting the character as a Light caster.

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Dark Lena is complete!  (Except for a couple refinements which will take about two minutes, but I'm eating dinner right now and it can wait.)

Will finish Light Lena tomorrow.  I'm going to wait until both are complete to submit them to the contest.

The thumbnail leads to the full sized piece.

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I am open for portrait commissions!

Types of portraits. )


Pricing. )

Notes. )

How to order. )

Thank you!


(People who spread the word about this are awesome and amazing and wonderful and beautiful and I will never stop gushing sugar over you.)

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Latest drawing is complete!

"Snow Falling Like Stars"

Color tinted digital drawing created in Gimp with Wacom tablet.

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I've finished the Eleven/Amy piece. I'm trying to come up with a title for it. (I'm terrible at titles!)

I am so very happy with the way the color tinting beneath grayscale technique turned out! I'm going to utilize this more often in my art, I think.

Clicky for bigger.

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Did a little speed painting/color sketching today to warm up.  I might explore this one further later on.

Reference by Faestock.

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I've completed "Diamond Tears!"  Although I'm thinking of re-titling it "Tears, Blood, Diamonds."

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I has more art-stuff.



Oct. 20th, 2012 11:03 am
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I don't think I posted the two paintings I made in Yosemite.  So, here they are.  As always, click for larger versions.

Woman of the Mists


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More fan art-- Dean Winchester!  Click for larger size.


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