Mar. 25th, 2013

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This morning, I'm in this odd state of flux, where I feel pretty inspired creatively, but somehow the inspiration isn't flowing into action.  I may need to just do some doodles or something to get the creative flow started.

My Muse has apparently decided to take a journey to Faery and stay there.  Maybe she ate the food?  She should know better than that.  I'm giving her free reign, as long as she helps with the convention art too.  *laughs*  Of course, I might attribute this to the fact that I've been absolutely enthralled by the art of Brian Froud lately-- I've been spamming my poor Tumblr followers with it, on my RP blog, no less.  I justify it by reminding myself that my character is an artist too and would likely enjoy Froud's art.  So nyeh.  :P

You know, I think the thing I love the most about Brian Froud’s art is that his faeries— yes, the humanoid ones— do not look or feel human.  They have this unique, alien, slightly sinister and mildly whimsical feel and appearance.  A lot of faery art just presents us with human-looking women in pretty dresses, with wings.  They’re gorgeous, but they lack that utterly alien quality, where you look into their eyes and wonder how such a mind would work, what colors those eyes see, what music those ears hear, how emotions and desires manifest.  He’s really quite magnificent in that way, because it’s as if he taps into a world of pure other-ness where only rare human souls have tread.  I could stare at his art for hours.

Okay, I think I'm going to break out the Wacom for a bit and see if I can get things moving today.
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Sketches, works in progress, and character art for my role playing characters.

My latest update on "I Will Find My Way Back To You":

More art under the cut. )


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